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The Web site www.Tsolakisbags.gr is an online store that is the electronic presence of the Tsolaki Xristina BAGS-LEATHER ITEM. VAT: 041250933, DOY: KOMOTINIS the main shop is based in Herodotou11, Epirus 8 and Ag. Georgiou 5
 PC. 69100 Tel: 6984646147

This website as well as the protection of your personal data and the security of your transactions are governed by these terms of use, which we invite you to read before you navigate to www.Tsolakisbags.gr and make your purchases. Your navigation at www.Tsolakisbags.gr as well as making any transaction or contact with our store means the unconditional acceptance of these terms of use by you.Our shop reserves the right to modify, renew or upgrade at any time and without prior notice of the user / consumer / visitor / member (in whole or in part): a) part or all of these terms of use, b) part or all of the content of www.Tsolakisbags.gr and c) part or all of the external interface, structure or configuration of www.Tsolakisbags.gr and its technical specifications.

Also, the Company reserves the right at any time, unjustifiably and without prior notice, to the user / consumer / visitor / member of www.Tsolakisbags.gr to cancel, suspend or terminate the operation of www.Tsolakisbags.gr The user / consumer / visitor / a member of www.Tsolakisbags.gr fully recognizes and accepts all of the above by navigating and / or using www.Tsolakisbags.gr

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Liability Limits:
By using the site, you agree to use it at your own risk. Www.Tsolakisbags.gr makes every effort to provide high quality service but we can not guarantee that there will be no breaks or mistakes. Any reference or link to another site is provided for your convenience and we are not responsible for the content, products and services provided to these sites.
Product photos are indicative

Product ordering and consumer protection: Conditions for a valid order: The visitor of the website is able to enter into a valid order if he / she is legally competent according to the Greek Civil Code, if he / she has reached the age of 18 and is not in legal support for the conclusion of a sales contract. Orders can also be made by legal representatives. The company reserves the right to claim from the supervisor or guardian any orders made by legally incapacitated persons.

Making an order requires:
1) Complete the relevant form with the necessary information for the conclusion of the contract of sale with the correct data. If the user places the wrong address or contact information, then the site does not perform any fulfillment for failure to fulfill its order.
2) The unconditional acceptance of the terms of the sales contract with regard to the item sold, the amount, the price including taxes and other costs, the manner of processing the transaction, the time and place of delivery of the delivery.
 3) the unconditional acceptance of these terms of use, which form an integral part of the contract being drawn up. Acceptance of the above is accomplished by electronic selection: I have read and agree to the terms of use given to the interested person on the website.


The execution of an order constitutes the conclusion of a distance selling contract, applying the relevant legislative framework (article 4 of Law 221/1994, as amended and in force). The consumer through the website is informed by the company before completing his order, before completing and submitting the relevant form for:

1) The identity and address of the supplier.

2) The essential characteristics of the good.

3) The price, the quantity and the cost of transport, as well as the value added tax, if not included in the price.

4) The method of payment, delivery and execution.

5) The duration of the offer or the price.

6) the right of withdrawal.


Www.Tsolakisbags.gr has the right not to execute an order if the product is out of stock or for any other reason after informing the buyer within 1 business day. Transport costs may change.



The Website www.Tsolakisbags.gr uses the SSL protocol. This encrypts all your personal information, your name and address so that they can not be read or changed when they are transferred over the Internet. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is today the global web standard for the certification of web sites for network users and for the encryption of data between network users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sender software and decrypted by the receiving software, thereby protecting personal information when transferred. In addition, all information sent under the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether the data has been changed during transport.



The prices listed under each product include VAT (24%), while www.Tsolakisbags.gr reserves the right to readjust prices. There may be slight differences in the appearance of the colors of the products on the site from reality. That is why there is a lot of selected photographic material to minimize color and description inaccuracies.


Registration on the site is useful because it makes it easier for you and us to be able to serve you better. First of all it will not take you more than two minutes of your time, it will only happen once, and it will serve you forever.


The benefits are:

1) Reporting the items that you are requesting for registration, reset the case of a possible error in your personal details and the items of the shipment and do not deny what is written such as wrong code, wrong color, wrong size, wrong price, wrong quantity etc.

2) Hold "history" and whenever you decide to get in, you can see what choices you made at any time in the past, what markets have you done so far,

3) You can be informed if you want to bid on products, new products and other interests from time to time.


1) For your quick service and if you are not interested in signing up, just make a selection check (buy as a visitor) by filling in the necessary information for your purchase and shipping of your products.

2) To make purchases through the website www.Tsolakisbags.gr, it is easier to sign up and declare your true personal information. For this reason, you will be asked for information such as name, telephone number, e-mail and real address, etc. In case of buying a product through our website, we will also ask you for the address where the order will be delivered, as well as details regarding the payment method.

By subscribing to the Newsletter you can, if you wish, be informed with the news of www.Tsolakisbags.gr simply by giving your e-mail address.

The e-shop www.Tsolakisbags.gr has one of the most convenient ordering systems because it guides you through 4 very easy steps.


BEFORE MY ORDER: I was wrong when I placed my order. What am I doing ; To cancel (after the shopping cart), mark the recycle bin with the recycle bin (deletion) on the product you wish to delete. And so you start the process from the beginning. Payment methods: At www.Tsolakisbags.gr, we offer you 3 payment methods to choose the one that suits you best: 1) On Delivery
2) Receipt from the store
3) By Bank Deposit


Do I stay abroad how will I be sure of the shipping cost before I make my order? For orders in the Balkans, Cyprus and other European countries a single charge (€) applies. For orders in other countries abroad you can contact us at info@tsolakisbags.gr to find out about the exact cost of the shipment. However, it is important to know that the customer is charged with any Customs Clearance Fee.


BY MY ORDER: How long does it take to receive my order? All orders are delivered to the place you choose via our courier company. The products are delivered within 1-2 days for landing destinations and 3-5 days for island destinations within Greece. Orders from the Balkans, Cyprus and other European countries are delivered around 7 business days



The above order's delivery time is valid if it is registered in our system until 12.00 pm. Orders placed in the weekend system will go through the next working day.

Our estimates of the time of delivery of the order may be altered in case of force majeure. Force majeure events are situations such as wars, adverse weather conditions, general strikes, hijackings, natural disasters, etc.


Delivery Days and Times:

The delivery is made between 10.00 am - 19.00pm



In some inaccessible areas, which are not covered by the courier company's network, delivery times will not correspond to those mentioned above.

In any case, you must have registered your mobile phone so that the courier company can contact you in any case.

Www.Tsolakisbags.gr has no responsibility for the inaccurate delivery time of your order.


Can the order be delivered wherever I want?

All orders are delivered to the address you have indicated to us when registering as a member. In order for your order to be sent to an alternate address from the one entered in your personal information, you should contact us by phone or by email at info@tsolakisbags.gr


How do I know about the progress of my order?

Upon completion and approval of your order, we will inform you by phone or you will receive a mail from www.Tsolakisbags.gr, which will inform you about the sending of your order, giving you a Shipping Code.

You can use the Shipping Code to learn how to send your order through the EL.TA Courier Shipping Search System for shipments within Greece.



Can someone else receive my order? You may receive a third person on your order. When you deliver it you will be asked to sign the Receipt instead of you.

Can I receive the order from the store www.Tsolakisbags.gr?

Of course you can also get your order from the store of www.Tsolakisbags.gr from Ag. Georgiou 5 Tail: 6984646147


They informed me of the courier company that my package was returned to your store. What can I do in this case? There are two reasons why the package was returned to our Offices:

1) Recipient. In this case, despite Courier's repeated attempts to deliver the package to your door, the recipient did not comply with the delivery order, making it impossible to deliver your package.

2) Unknown Recipient. By this term we mean the recipient whose details such as Name, Address, Postal Code, Telephone Number etc. is incorrect or expensive, making it impossible to deliver the package. For any of the above reasons, the package will be returned to our site and will not be sent again. In this case, as it is your fault, you will be charged € 3 for Refund and Shipping costs which will be deducted from the total value of the products when the amount is refunded. However, if you wish to receive the ordered products, you can make a new order.


Returns and product changes:

Return Policy: You can return a product within 7 days of the date of receipt, and replace it with the same model in another color or any other product of your choice.

Replacement: You may request that we send you the same item in a different color or replace it with any other website at your own expense expense. In addition, if you received a defective or incorrect code, we can replace it with the same item or the right one at no charge. A prerequisite is that the items have not been used and are in their original condition and packaging, and without removing the tabs, etc. It must also be accompanied by all sales documents. Www.Tsolakisbags.gr does not cover the cost of returning and dispatching items.

The only exception is if you received a wrong or defective product. Products shipped have already been checked for possible defects or deficiencies to avoid unnecessary returns. Also, in the photo gallery, the color variations are minimal to zero, so you know what color you will get, provided that the standard settings have not been tampered with. In the period of discounts on the change, the price of the product we receive and the price of the product we will be sending on the day of receipt by you will be valid. (because prices are changing frequently)

Products with a discount of 45% or more are considered overpayments and are not refundable. Excluding the return or change of delicate products such as evening bags, suitcases, sacks and wallets, and professional bags. Refund can not be done, just replacing a product with another. The responsibility (cause of destruction or loss) for the return of the products to the store of www.Tsolakisbags.gr is borne by the customer. For this reason you should take care to ensure that the product is well packed upon return.


Product Returns only after contacting www.Tsolakisbags.gr by following these steps: STEP 1: Contact us at 6984646147, e-mail: info@tsolakisbags.gr or via Facebook at Tsolakis bags suitcases and more. STEP 2: You undertake to send the parcel back to our shop via EL.TA courier. The change prices are € 5.00 shipped to us and € 5.00 shipped back to you plus the difference of the product (if any). If you are out of the EL.TA courier transport network, you must deliver it to your local service store that serves your area.

Excluding refund:

Suitcases, bag sacks and professional bags.

ATTENTION !: No refund will be accepted if it does not have a valid Return Code ...



For any cancellation of an order (total or partial) you should send an e-mail to info@tsolakisbags.gr or call 6984646147. This feature is offered to you by the time we notify you by e-mail or personal message to your mobile to send you your order.

After this time it is not possible to cancel. However, after you receive it, you will be able to return it to us in accordance with the Return & Change process.

If you want to change a gift please contact us at 6984646147 or at info@tsolakisbags.gr to help you.


Cost of Delivery analytics with courier:


Inside Greece:
For purchases over 50.00€ the cost of the shipment is FREE if you choose a bank deposit.
For purchases of less than 50.00€ the cost of the shipment is 5.00€ plus the cost of the delivery.
-In both cases,weigh more than 2 kg or exceeding 35 × 25 × 11 the volume of charge
is 2 euros for each extra pound if necessary. (excluding inaccessible areas outside the network

Courier costing differently).
For purchases over € 120.00, the shipping cost is FREE with a bank deposit.
For purchases below € 120.00 the shipping cost is € 20.00 with a bank deposit.
-In both cases,weight more than 2 kg or exceeding the volume of 35 × 25 × 11 the financial burden changes because they are costing differently from the Courier company.

For suitcases, wheeled bin with wheels, backpacks with wheels and professional due to volume the market amount is proportionately higher.

Inside Greece:
From city to city, islands, and inaccessible areas within the EL.TA Courier network for purchases over € 85.00 the shipment is FREE if you choose a bank deposit.

Inside Greece: 
From city to city, islands, and inaccessible areas within the EL.TA Courier network for purchases below € 85.00 the shipment costs € 15.00 together with the cost of the cash on delivery.


cost of cash on delivery. Caution: Dimensions on the product are not necessary and the final dimensions of the package to be shipped. B.C. parcel bags for space and transport savings are delivered without the filling to reduce their weight-weight if needed. There is no extra cost in inaccessible or remote areas only for orders with cash on delivery. Orders without cash on delivery outside the EL.TA courier network are charged on a kilometer basis unless picked up by your local store serving your area.


Brand Names: 

- Adonio Adriano

- Versace Jeans
- Fragola
- Tantrend
- Ynot?
- Hunter
- Polo Club Beverly Hills
- Lovely (Greek Handmade)
- Silver Polo
- National Geographic
- Polo
- Diplomat
- Burban (Natural Blendings)

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS !!!! All our products are authentic. Any similarity with products from other companies is incidental.